The goal of SISTER (Signalling & Sensing Technologies in Railway application) is to innovate the light rail system with an improved capability to detect dangerous situations, through the development, integration and assessment of innovative technologies for signalling, communication and remote sensing.

The SISTER project is responsible for developing the research activities of an innovative system of signaling, a new system of “remote sensing” with a high level of reliability and an innovative radio broadband communication resilient to interference.


After an initial phase of analysis of the state of the art, the partnership will define the system specifications and design the operational scenarios that will be used as a reference within the identified research phases. The phases of industrial research and experimental development will be launched in parallel.

The partners will design the architecture. Moreover, activities underlying the identified research topics will be covered. Every partner will work on the prototypal design and construction of the respective technological demonstrators.

The innovative verification process is pursued in the validation (V & V) phase. This phase will start from preliminary prototype solutions, in order to finalize the development phases related to the interface with other sub-systems and to perform the overall tests. Finally at the system level the integration tests of the whole will be carried out. The integrated prototype will be validated and possibly tested within the real scenario identified during the preliminary study phase.

Finally, an intense activity of communication and dissemination of results will be carried out, with demonstrations and technology transfer operations to promote information sharing with active stakeholders and the organization of numerous seminars and demonstration events. In the end, the project will focus on verifying the opportunities for interfacing with the systems management of traffic and mobility in the Tuscany Region.