Guide on adding a new publication to the website

  1. Add the metadata of the publication as a new entry in the pages/ file.


       - title: "A Toolbox for Realtime Timeseries Anomaly Detection"
         authors: Markus Bobel, Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Tomas Bures
         venue: "IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2020), to appear."
         pdf: 2021-ICSA-IG-anomaly_detection_tool.pdf
         url: (ignored if pdf is present!)
         year: 2020
         type: conference


    • title should always be given in double quotes
    • venue should always be given in double quotes
    • You can leave all of doi, pdf and url empty if you prefer.
    • You should fill in either pdf or url. In case both are provided, the url is ignored. If you specify a pdf, then add your PDF document as described in step 2. A url should point to a PDF document (e.g. in your personal website).
    • As type, you can use one of article,conference (for both conference and workshop papers), book (for both books and book chapters),thesis (for PhD theses only), and other (mostly for technical reports)
  2. (optional, only if you want to add a pre/post print) Add a PDF file to the files/pubs folder. The name of the PDF has to match the name you specified in the metadata entry (e.g. 2021-ICSA-IG-anomaly_detection_tool.pdf)

    As a suggestion, we can use the following pattern:
    <year>-<venue>-<group member initials>-<anything else>.pdf