STLab lands a double score at Restart Plenary Meeting, held in Bologna this January, winning both the il “Best Poster” and “Best Poster Runner–up” awards

The “Best Poster” accolade was awarded for the project titled “Complex Ecosystem Management via Digital Twins Networks.” This work focuses on leveraging the role of digital twin networks in building highly autonomous and reliable telecommunications systems in complex and fast-changing scenarios, set in ecosystems made by different domains, as in the case of Smart Cities of Industry 4.0/5.0.

Earning the “Best Poster Runner-Up” position, the project “Coherent – A Deep Dive on KV and KVI Management,” was a collaborative effort with CNIT (University of Catania). The work outlines digital twins’ role in creating new management paradigms of Key Values In complex ecosystems. Key value management increases in complexity in scenarios where different actors (domains) needs to find an optimal global equilibrium point, due to the highly dynamic nature of those ecosystems which require fast converging protocols.

The use of Digital Twin Networks is key in achieving ultra-low latency in system management, enabling rapid convergence to optimal states in scenarios demanding swift response.

The Restart Foundation has officially acknowledged the awarding of these prizes, further details of which can be found at their official website:

STLab thanks Restart Foundation and Coherent Workgroup, a nurturing collaboration community where new ideas are exchanged effectively promoting the development of telecommunication in scientific and industrial communities.